If you are a plumber looking to increase the amount of people that you service then you know that direct mailings and advertisements in the newspaper are not enough.  Today, most people go online in order to search for and research services and companies.  Therefore, plumbing website design is of the utmost importance.


First and foremost, when it comes to plumbing website design, fancy pictures are not where it is at.  In fact, they can be a turn-off, especially if they cause the site to load slowly or make navigation difficult.  Instead, try pictures or videos of you and your in action fixing various plumbing problems.  This will show what you are capable more than stock photography ever could.

Be sure to include estimated prices on your site, as well as any packages or coupons that may be available.  Knowing what to expect in the way of the cost is important to most people, especially if it an emergency and they did not budget for the work to be done.  This will save you time as well because you will not get calls simply asking for prices and not scheduling work.


Another great idea when it comes to plumbing website design is the ability for customers to be able to make appointments online.  This is more convenient for those looking for a plumber and your clients will be glad you decided to do this.


No plumbing website design is complete without a section for customer feedback.  This gives possible clients instant access to referrals and to know what to expect should they hire you to work at their home.  You may want to offer an incentive, like a discount on their next service call for their honest feedback on your site.  This will get more people to go on and evaluate your services.


To further increase the amount of traffic on your site and to truly stand out from the rest of the plumbers on the web and in your area, your site should not only be easy to navigate, there should be a section where you highlight your employees.  Include their bios and blurbs about them. This will not only enable clients to recognize those that come to their homes to work, but it will make your employees stand out like the stars you know they are.


Finally, one of the best resources to have when it comes to website design is a blog.  Having a blog enables you to show how knowledgeable you are and also enables customers to fix little things on their own.  This will free you up for the bigger jobs.  If your blog is pertinent, informative and interesting, then it will be shared and many more people and potential clients will see it and turn to you in their time of need.


Do not forget to keep everyone aware of any changes you make to your website through social media.  Your followers should know when you post a new blog on your website or if you offer a new coupon or deal.