Orthodontic treatment in young children can begin as early as ages six or seven. When children are this young, their teeth are still developing and the jaw is still growing. Tooth and jaw problems can be caused by tooth decay, losing baby teeth too soon, accidents, or habits like thumb sucking. These problems can also be genetic or inherited Not only that, but orthodontists are able to detect subtle issues in tooth and jaw development even while baby teeth are still present. Moreover, the younger the patient is, that conditions may be easier to treat. When visiting for the first time, the office may look similar to that of a regular dentist. There are, however, several key differences.

Your first trip to the orthodontist is done in order for you to get acquainted with the office and their philosophy and to determine if treatment is needed. That means that the patient, be it you or your child, will be given a thorough clinical examination. This includes photographs and x-rays of the teeth and mouth and an impression of the teeth will be taken in order to help determine an individualized treatment plan. You will also be asked to open wide and then bite your teeth together.

Next, any recommended appliances, including retainers, braces, or expanders, will be described in detail and you will also receive an estimate as to the length of time the treatment will take as well as the frequency of appointments. This consultation generally takes between one to two hours. Cost and payment options will also be discussed.

If you choose to go ahead with treatment, your next appointment will be run about two hours. At that point, the doctor and his or her assistant will place any appliances in your mount and answer all your questions. In addition, he or she will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end. The orthodontist’s assistant is in charge of prepping your teeth for the brackets and then your orthodontist will carefully position each one on your teeth.

Throughout your treatment, you will have scheduled checks which are brief appointments wherein your orthodontist will adjust your brackets, answer any questions and check the progress that your teeth are making. These appointments generally take about 20 minutes and occur approximately every nine weeks throughout your treatment. However, if you have if you have Invisalign treatment, then these checks will happen once a month.

When it is time to have your braces removed, a “debanding” appointment will be made. You will then have to make an appointment with your regular dentist for a good cleaning, check-up, and fluoride treatment following the removal of your braces. Additionally, some patients opt for teeth whitening at this point, as well. The removal process takes about an hour and a half. You will also be given a set of retainers to hold your teeth in position. You will have to wear them for as long as you want your teeth to stay straight.


A private investigator may be the key to solving your problems. Those in this profession get called on for numerous reasons. PIs have the knowledge, skills, and experience in order to be able to help you to find information that may not be obvious to the untrained eye.  Those in this line of work specialize in research, and surveillance, as well as several other methods of investigation.

While they are not police officers, many have a background in criminal justice. Surveillance investigators spend their time looking for and proving corruption and immorality. Some of the more common reasons that people call on a PI include the belief that they partner is cheating, a child is missing, money or valuables are missing, and to do background checks. There have been cases where this work has been known to save a person’s life or win a person well-deserved custody of their child.

While you can try to get the information you want and/or need, on your own. It is better to hire a PI for a number or reasons. At the top of the list is experience. Without this, one wrong move and all of your evidence can be lost. You could break a law or the subject of your investigation may find out he or she is being watched. This can not only lead to the evidence not being allowed in court, but it can also lead to fines or jail time. Those trained in the proper methods surveillance investigation know the laws and how to evade being found out.

Another reason to hire a PI is that surveillance can be a dangerous undertaking. Not only can the conditions that you get into trying to keep track of someone be hazardous, but you also run the risk of being found out and retributed against. Not only that, but a professional will know how to present his or her findings in court so that they are considered a qualified expert.

Therefore, when you go to hire a PI, be sure to do your research. Referrals are a great place to start, but you also need to see credentials, insurance information, and see their standings with the Better Business Bureau. This is because there are some states that do not require licensing. In addition, you want to know what previous clients have to say on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp.

Discretion and respect often come with a price. It is important that you be sure to discuss confidentiality before you discuss compensation. You want to be sure that you feel comfortable discussing your case with him or her, as the information returned, may not be easy to hear or talk about. You may hope the private investigator will prove your fears wrong. Therefore, you need to be sure you can handle what they may turn up before you hire their services. It is then that you can discuss the contract and get to signing so that the investigation can commence.


As of January, marijuana is legal for medicinal use in more than half of the United States as well as the District of Columbia. It is also legal for recreational use in seven states. However, this does not mean that people are just sitting back and getting high. Cannabis has powerful medicinal powers that have been used for centuries. One of the best ways to benefit from it is through the use of concentrated CBD oil. No worries, this cannabis-derived product does not get you high.

CBD is an active cannabinoid found in cannabis plants and its health benefits may be even more profound than those of THC, the compound that offers the euphoria feeling that is most associated with cannabis and marijuana. CBD is most often used for medicinal purposes and is found in the least processed form of the cannabis plant, known as hemp. While hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, Cannabis sativa, they are quite different.

Organic CBD oil can be taken orally or rubbed on the skin. Sometimes patients choose to inhale it through a vapor and others have used it intravenously in order to produce wanted effects. It is not uncommon for people who suffer from chronic pain, epilepsy, and cancer to be prescribed CBD products. Other ailments that it is used for include combating both nausea and heart disease.

The more scientists and researchers study this compound, the more uses they find for it. This will continue to be true as more states embrace the drug and allow its use. One of the lesser known uses for CBD extracts is acne. A few years ago, the National Institute of Health discovered that CBD can provide treatment for acne. This is due to the fact that it is an anti-inflammatory agent that inhibits lipid synthesis.

Additionally, there are also some diabetics who have been giving CBD products to their relatives as a way of trying to prevent them from acquiring the disease. A study found that it prevented the production of a cytokine which plays a huge role in many autoimmune diseases. Therefore, this may be expanded to those with similar issues, as well.

While it is no longer an epidemic and does not make the news anymore, should you end up contracting Mad Cow Disease, you can take a CBD product. It has been found to stop the production of prions which are the proteins that cause neurodegenerative diseases like mad cow.

If you cannot sleep, then a few drops of organic CBD oil or a hemp capsule can help. One of the side effects of this compound is tiredness. However, unlike other drugs prescribed for insomnia, CBD is natural and not addictive. In addition, you will not feel groggy in the morning.

Finally, everyone knows how bad cigarettes and smoking are for your health and the health of those around you. One way you may be able to kick it is the use of CBD products. A recent study showed that it helped many stop smoking quickly.

More and more people are turning to CBD extracts to treat what ails them. From children with seizures, to those with cancer and chronic pain, its medical benefits continue to grow. However, the legal status of the compound remains confusing, at best.

This is true even though the DEA recently issued a clarification to its December clarification. In its most recent statement, the Drug Enforcement Agency said that CBD is “found in the parts of the cannabis plant that fall within the CSA (Controlled Substances Act) definition of marijuana, such as the flowering tops, resin, and leaves.” Even though Cannabidiol is not listed on the Act’s Drug Schedule.

Bear in mind that even though they are a federal agency, organic CBD oil and other similar products are legal 44 states. This figure includes the 28 states where medical marijuana is legal and 16 states have passed CBD-only laws. These laws legalize the possession and use of CBD products for certain conditions. It does not, however, allow the use of cannabis products that contain higher levels of THC. CBD-only laws also usually limit the legal possession and use of CBD products to children with epilepsy, as well as some nerve and muscle afflictions, as well.

That leaves only six states, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana, and West Virginia that still consider every part of the cannabis plant, including CBD, to be illegal. However, those that allow CBD-only products do not allow licensed dispensaries, home cultivation, or any other supply infrastructure. In other words, you can have it, but good luck getting it legally.

Adding to this confusion is that hemp products, including hemp capsules, are legal. Therefore, a CBD product’s legality depends on where it is sourced. By these laws, hemp is cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight. In fact, hemp oil has been a legal import to the United States for decades.

Moreover, there are only four states where you can be absolutely sure that the CBD content claimed on the label of the product is the actual content in the bottle. They are Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. They are the same states where adult-use cannabis is legal and regulated. This coincidence is due to the fact that the CBD products are only available in licensed retail cannabis stores and they must pass state-mandated lab tests in order to assure their purity and potency. In fact, if these products do not go through state testing, they can be seized. Therefore, if you are not on one of those states, you have to take the manufacturer’s word that the label is true.

Regardless of its legality or lack thereof, it is not likely that the DEA, or any other police type agency, is going to start raids over a non-psychoactive product that can be clearly seen to be curing children with severe epilepsy. Not only that, but it is available to purchase both online and at many retail health stores across the nation.

Deciding to lose weight and get fit is only the first step of many as you then have to decide how you are going to fulfill your goals. If the gym alone has not done it for you and you are already bored and looking for excuses not to go, why not try one of the many fitness classes that are offered.  A fitness class offers motivation, instruction, and expertise of the instructor. This can not only help to ensure you get the most out of your workout, but it cannot be gotten from a machine, no matter how many calories you burn.

One of the most popular kids of exercise is kickboxing classes. Punching and kicking your way through kickboxing class is a great way to blow off steam after a long day at work. The instructor helps you to transform your body using a blend of martial arts, boxing, and dance moves. In addition, you will work your strength and endurance to new levels. It is all done through the use of the drills and techniques in a non-contact setting. This is an especially good class for runners as it will certainly help up your game.

Another type of class that is worth trying is strength training. While not a cardio class, per se, it will help you to burn fat and build muscle. One of the reasons this is true is because strength training can help increase your metabolism by speeding up your Resting Metabolic Rate. Therefore, it takes your body more calories to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat.  Estimates are that for every 1 lb of muscle you gain, your resting metabolism goes up 30-50 calories. It has also been known to increase bone density, build a stronger heart, and reduce your resting blood pressure, as well as improve blood flow, and help you control your blood sugar.

A popular fitness class is boot camp. It is designed for fast and serious weight loss and toning. It is a fast-paced, high-intensity workout that incorporates muscle toning and weight-lifting exercises through explosive fat-burning cardio movements. These classes also include various exercises for each muscle group. There are a variety of styles of fitness boot camps. However, regardless of the style you choose, most are designed to push the participants harder than they push themselves.

Regardless of the type of class that you take, ask to observe first before you participate. This will allow you to determine whether or not the class is a good fit for you. You will be able to see if the instructor is motivating and understanding and whether or not you are up to the fitness level that is required of the class. However, if you do not believe you can handle it, speak to the instructor. He or she may be able to modify some of the steps to enable you to get to the level of everyone else. Remember, it is not what you do, it is that you are doing it.


An effective public relations campaign includes proactive methods that enable you to spread your message to your market and attract potential customers and clients. This includes obtaining positive press and publicity as it pertains to your business and its most recent services, brands, and innovations.


One of the easiest things you can do for your company is set up a Google alert so that you are notified each time either your business or your competitors, are mentioned. Just add the names of those businesses you want to be informed about as well as a few key industry words and you will get an email each time they are mentioned.

Another excellent tool pr agencies recommend is setting up a blog on your website. Be sure to update it often. You should also become a featured guest blogger on other like-minded sites. This way, you will become respected and relevant and your articles will receive many positive comments and social media shares which can be linked back to your business.

When it comes to social media platforms, you need to stop relying solely on traditional press releases and focus more on genuine news content regarding your brand. Use video, both live and pre-recorded, and images along with short content to get your message across. Also, make sure that it is something you can be considered an expert on and try to tap into current trends in order to remain relevant.

However, do not make social media your be all and end all. It should be used in conjunction with traditional media as both are important when building and maintaining a brand and brand story. Plus, it is free.

Another tip from top pr agencies is not to ignore the negative. If someone posts a complaint or problem be open and honest and apologize. Then offer to fix it. This shows that you care about your customers.

If you choose to hire either an in-house pr professional or an outside agency, be sure to do your homework first. Not only does this mean that you need to vet anyone and everyone you intend to hire, but you also have to determine why you are hiring that person or agency and what you expect to get out of it.

Not only that, but you should be able to respond to questions about company culture and values, as well as what sets your business apart with ease. Moreover, your product should be at its best before it is presented to the world. If you are still in the testing phases, then you may want to hold off.

If possible, have your CEO tell the company story because he or she needs to be both accessible and visible to the public. Their visibility helps to create credibility and leadership within your industry. It also gets them in front of the right people in order to help expand the business. Moreover, this means they must have a presence on social media, as well as a positive relationship with the press and the ability to share your story flawlessly.



Mineral rights refer to the ownership and use of what can be found below the surface of a property. It may include minerals, water, oil, gas or coal. A mineral lease is a contract that allows someone other than the property owner to remove and sell the minerals. One of the most common types of lease involves oil and gas.


Whether you are looking to sell or purchase new property, it is best to do a title search in order to see who has a stake in the land. Those who have sold their gas and oil rights may have difficulty selling unless the new owner is willing to allow the excavating on the property. In addition, if you are buying a new property, it is good to know before you are legally bound that you are not the only one with interest in the land.

You may also want to consult with or hire an attorney because state laws can limit or expand the rights of everyone involved including property owners, mineral owners, and mineral extraction companies. Furthermore, zoning ordinances usually dictate where drilling can and cannot be done.

When it comes to securing a mortgage, one lender may be hesitant to allow a loan on a property where a lease allows trucks to enter and exit, while another lender may be enthusiastic about a loan where a lease would produce income that the borrower can apply to the debt. However, be aware that additional intricacies tend to crop up when an owner sells a property and does not sell mineral rights.

The Federal Housing Administration which is also known as the FHA, along with both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have guidelines that deal with mineral rights. This is important because, together, these three entities set the standards for most U.S. mortgages.

These guidelines state that any active or planned oil or natural gas drilling site must be at least 300 feet away from existing homes. Moreover, unless measures are taken to lessen noise and curtail the chance of contamination from spills, any new or proposed construction must be at least 75 feet away from existing homes. That distance is reduced to 10 feet if a drilling site has been vacated in compliance with local safety requirements.

While the FHA does not track the number of mortgage insurance applications that are declined because of drilling operations, those short distances tend to suggest that the number is low.

Fannie Mae will not deal with any mortgage if the property has a title impediment. However, there are some exceptions including existing oil, water or mineral rights that are waived by other lenders and do not alter the property or impair its value or usefulness. Furthermore, current homeowners who want to assign such rights must submit an application to do so.

Freddie Mac’s requirements are similar to those of Fannie Mae in that they allow for exceptions. However, they state that no right of surface or subsurface entry is allowed within 200 feet of a residence, and a title policy endorsement is required in order to protect the lender.

If, when you look outside and see dark clouds, immediately set up buckets around your home, you need to call for roof repair before the next storm. However, before the contractor gets there, there are a few things that you can do on your own to minimize the damage being done.

First, when you put out the buckets and garbage cans, or whatever else it is you use to catch the water, you may want to consider propping a board inside of it so that the drips hit the board and not the water. This will prevent that repetitive and annoying dripping sound.

The next thing you need to do is to take any old screwdriver and puncture the center of the bulge where water is accumulating. Though it might seem counterintuitive to punch a hole in your ceiling to stop a leak, the new hole will allow the water to drain smoothly and will relieve pressure on the rest of your ceiling. If water accumulates and pools, your entire ceiling could collapse.

Be sure to move and dry off any wet furniture and flooring in order to prevent mold growth. You should also check out your attic to see if there is any damage in there, especially if you use it as a storage space. Cover any and all valuables with waterproof covers so that they are protected from additional water damage.

It is best to contact several residential roofing companies at this point. Be sure that whomever you call has been fully vetted, is licensed and insured. Read reviews and check the Better Business Bureau for complaints. It is best to get at least three estimates and then go with your research and gut on which one to choose as the lowest price is not always the best. However, you need to do this quickly as roofs never repair or get better and while mold might not sound like a menace, its worst variations can kill you. At the very best, it’s gross and unsightly.

Those that do come out to give you an estimate should inspect both inside and outside of your home. Inspecting the underside of the roof sheeting can show signs of water damage, however, it is not a foolproof method so inspecting the roof for damage is needed as well.

Once you have settled on a residential roof repair company you can then decide whether or not to contact your homeowners’ insurance company. If the estimate is less than your deductible, then it may not pay to call them.

Whether you contact your insurance company or not, be sure to clean the cobwebs and dust from your ventilation system and exhaust vents at least once a year. At the same time, caulk around pipes and vents with a high-grade sealant and paint any exposed metal to prevent rust. In addition, you should also remove leaves and other debris from your gutters so they don’t dam up and overflow.


As everyone has now opened their holiday gifts, many a parent is or should be checking their various insurance policies to determine what their home and auto will cover in the event that something goes wrong with one of their child’s gifts. The insurance agency will then use their agency software to determine what is covered, if it is not then they will look to see if additional coverage is available or if the parents are out of luck.

While it goes without saying that if you get your child a car or give them the keys to yours, they will need to be added to your policy or you will have to purchase them a policy of their own. Which one is more economical is determined by your insurance agency. They will plug the different scenarios into their insurance software solutions to determine what is included and at what cost.

If your children are not old enough to drive, or even if they are, a popular gift both last season and this one has been a drone. In fact, over one million drones have been purchased this year alone. They can be quite costly and you may want to find out if replacement due to loss or accident is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. You also need to find out if any injuries that result from the use of the drone, whether to you or someone else, is covered.

Generally speaking, the almost 600,000 people who own drones are covered if it is used as a hobby. However, if you are making money off of its use and you or someone else is hurt, or property is damaged, you will probably be out of luck.

If you enquire with your home owner’s insurance agency and they tell you that you will need additional coverage that determination will come from their insurance solutions. However, you can lessen the premium amount by being aware of how to use drones properly and safely. This includes the F.A.A.s recommendation to keep them under 400 feet and always in site.

For $75 you can join the Academy of Model Aeronautics and be covered by their insurance. It pays out after your homeowner’s policy is exhausted, and provides over $2 million in liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury.

Be sure to register your drone with the FAA as it is required. Failure to do so can result in fines of over $27,000 as well as criminal charges.

If you are an insurance representative interested in how insurance software can improve your business, call AVYST. They have cloud-based systems that can be integrated with what you already have in order to improve your business function. You can use it to improve the products you offer your clients and to analyze the work being done by your employees. They have four options to choose from and each can be customized for your company’s business goals. Drone not included.


If your goal for the new semester is to find an apartment for rent and move off campus, there are a number of ways that you can make a smooth transition and a number of tips that will keep you there. This is your first step into true adulthood; do not end up regretting it.

First and foremost, you need to fully vet the place where you plan to live. This means that you need to take a number of steps before you sign the lease on your college apartment.


  • Write a list of what is important to you. You need to decide what you absolutely cannot live without. Oh, you can live without the communal pool, so cross that off the list now. However, when looking for an off-campus apartment, you have to decide how you will commute. Therefore, you need to determine how close to campus you want to be and if you need to be near mass transportation. Also, find out how safe the local neighborhoods are, as you do not want to live in a place where you expect to get robbed.
  • Look at the place. Do not simply agree to a place over the phone because you are desperate to have your own place. You need to go see it. When you do, make sure there are no pests, mold, or mildew and that all of the faucets work. In addition, check to make sure the appliances are usable and the windows open and close. Also, ask about the security that is present (or not) in the complex.
  • Read the lease. Yes, it is probably in legal speak, but you will get the idea. You want to know what you are responsible for and what you can depend on your landlord for. In addition, take pictures of any damage before you move in so that you do not get charged for it when you move out and also so you can have your landlord fix it.
  • Be friendly with at least one roommate. If you will be sharing the place to cut expenses, it helps to not move in with strangers. You should be somewhat friendly (not best friends) with at least one person who lives there prior to moving in.
  • Be sure to decide who is bringing what so that there is not more than one blender in the kitchen. However, it will not hurt to bring your own TV so that you can watch what you want.


Once you move into the Thatcher Apartments, Be sure to communicate with your roommates about who is responsible for what when it comes to cleaning. You also have to find out if you will be sharing food or if you should label what you buy.


Be respectful and remember to wear ear buds when listening to music and let them know when you will be bringing guests over. Always pay your rent and other bills on time and have fun.

While many are still at odds over the recent election one thing that can help is that eight states passed laws to legalized marijuana. Four states made it legal for recreational use and four allow it to be used for medical purposes.


While in the long run, that may mean less out of state visitors, right now many are still flocking to Colorado and other states that are ahead of the curve. This is because those states that just passed the laws have to now figure out the specifics. That is, lawmakers must determine where the drug can be sold so that no dispensaries end up across the street from schools. They also need to determine the forms in which it can be sold and how the state will keep track of sales.


While the states hash out how to sell hash, those that will benefit from the passing of the  new laws are looking to get educated so that once it is available, they know what to do and how to do it. Therefore, new customers will be looking to find out what butane extractors are and how to use them.


Butane Honey Oil extraction refers to the method used to extract the essential oils from cannabis using Butane as a solvent. Butane is used because it produces one of the cleanest extractions, free from soluble material like chlorophyll and plant alkaloids. One of the most popular ways to do this is through the use of closed loop butane extractors, especially if you are going to use the product orally or topically.


When using a BHO extractor, you need to put safety first because butane is highly flammable. Therefore, this process should always be done outside in a well-ventilated area. You should have a fire extinguisher and a blanket on hand, just in case. In addition, do not smoke or have any materials that can be smoked anywhere near where you are working. It is also advisable that you leave your cell phone in another area, as well, because static electricity sparks probably ignite more butane unintentionally than anyone will admit to. Therefore, do not wear synthetic clothing, either.


It is best to wear safety goggles and gloves while going through the extraction process. You should also be careful about the type of butane that you use. If it has an odor, it should not be used. Find one that does not smell. You may have to purchase directly from a gas supplier. This will enable you to limit the amount of chemicals in your oil.


Furthermore, it is advised that you use a fan to disperse the butane rapidly and keep it from pooling. Butane is heavier than air and will collect in low spots if not dealt with correctly. Plastic fans are recommended over metal ones because metal can spark if something happens to get in the blades. Finally, if you are doing this on a dry, cold day, you should add a grounding strap to the cans, so as to not draw static electricity sparks.


It used to be that the suites on or near the top floor of a skyscraper or tall building were referred to as the executive suite. This was where the head executives such as the chief executive officer, vice presidents, and their staff of a business worked. This term referred to both office space, and also described the people who occupied these offices.

Today this term is used to describe a set of individual offices that are sublet from a larger suite of offices. The owner of the building rents out the offices or workstations to companies that do not need or cannot afford large office spaces for an extended period of time. Most of the time, the landlords also offer additional services in addition to the office space. These include faxes, printers, restrooms, conference rooms, as well as fully stocked kitchens and reception staff.


It all began with an architect named James Blain. In 1983, he realized that small businesses needed a place that offered convenience, along with low overhead expenses, and flexible lease terms. Therefore, in 1985 he opened the first company that offered this type of space,


In 1989, Mark Dixon opened a similar company. He took it internationally and he also sold shares to the public. His business went bankrupt in 2003. Since then, the industry has turned around and grown considerably.


During the same year, a man named Ralph Gregory came up with the idea for virtual office space when he became a first-time father. He wanted to be at home with his daughter and keep his business professionalism high.


Despite initial setbacks, this industry has managed to both survive and grow. There continues to be an increased demand for office space. Including the fact that some landlords are using the executive suite model as a way to make money until a large renter comes along.


Today, this type of office space has a number of names. These include an office suite, business center, and shared office space. Executive suites serve the same purpose as a virtual office. However, with an executive suite, you have a dedicated office. With a virtual office, you share the office as well as other amenities with others.


Most companies that use executive suites are small entrepreneur start-up companies that could either experience growth or go out of business before a lease ends. Therefore, most executive office suite businesses offer flexible terms that are offered in order to accommodate this growth or the breakup of a company.


This type of office space also has a number of amenities included with it that smaller offices may not be able to afford. These are shared with other companies and include a break room, fully equipped kitchen, and a phone number and WIFI, as well as a receptionist to answer phones, sign for the mail, and welcome visitors. They may also offer temporary support in the form of being able to temporarily “hire” executive office staff to assist with projects or assignments.

When you went in search of the perfect engagement ring, you only went to jewelers who said they had GIA certified diamonds. When you found the ring with which you wanted to ask your love to marry you, you asked to see the certificate. You made sure that it was real and not a forgery and that it was the right document for the stone you were getting ready to purchase.

You did this so that you had piece of mind. You know that that one piece of paper proves that the diamond you picked out for the custom engagement ring is real and that it can be ensured. You know that a GIA certificate makes it easier to have the stone returned should it ever get lost or stolen. What you do not know is what the GIA or Gemological Institution of America does to/with the stone that is so important.

First and foremost, when a jeweler sends in a stone, his or her identity is hidden from those that are in charge of the certification process. This is done through a process wherein each diamond is placed in a custom designed, transparent storage case. Any and all references to its owner are removed or concealed. The stone is then assigned a bar-coded label that contains a unique internal identification number. This number is used to track the stone throughout the certification process. Additionally, all client information is masked within the software that diamond graders use to enter their assessments.

The diamonds are then weighed and their weight is recorded to the fifth decimal place. An optical measuring device is then used to determine the stone’s proportions, measurements, and facet angles. Next, the diamond’s color is graded in a standardized viewing environment. Color graders submit their independent opinions into the system and are not privy to any other color opinions entered. The color grade is determined when there are sufficient agreeing opinions.

Next, clarity is graded using 10x magnification under standard viewing conditions. The grader then assigns an opinion of the diamond’s clarity, polish and symmetry and plots the clarity characteristics on a diagram that is most representative of the diamond’s shape and faceting style. In addition, the grader also verifies all previously captured weight and measurement data and assigns written descriptions of the diamond’s culet and girdle thickness. These steps are repeated until there is sufficient agreement amongst the graders.

Once the color and clarity grading process is complete, the diamond’s proportions, both measurements and facet angles, along with polish and symmetry descriptions, are used to determine its GIA Cut Grade. A diamond’s brightness, along with its fire, scintillation of both sparkle and pattern, as well as its weight ratio, and durability, polish and symmetry, are all considered within this final assessment of cut quality.

Between each step of the process, a diamond is distributed from and returned to the Inventory Control Department in order to ensure that the distribution of diamonds to graders is completely random. Additionally, each and every diamond that comes in to become a GIA certified diamond is tracked electronically so that the laboratory can pinpoint its exact location at any time and review each step of the grading process.

GIA or the Gemological Institute of America is a nonprofit research and educational institution dedicated to preserving honesty and integrity in the diamond industry. Founded in 1931, they are the world’s foremost authority on the quality of loose diamonds. In fact, they developed the industry standards for grading diamonds based on cut, clarity, color, and carats in order to foster the public’s trust in fine gems and jewelry.

When shopping for an engagement ring or any other jewelry that includes precious stones, it is important to have the stones certified. This not only proves that it is a real stone, it will also enable you to have the stone or jewelry appraised without question. Furthermore, by securing GIA certification, you will be able to recover the stone if it is lost or stolen, more easily than without the certification.


Another reason that you should make sure that your jeweler uses only GIA certified stones when creating your custom engagement ring is, should you decide to upgrade the setting, you will be able to find a similar stone. In addition, since GIA certified diamonds are judged independently and anonymously, it is easy to compare the characteristics of each stone to the jeweler’s asking price before you buy a piece of jewelry or a precious stone. Therefore, you can compare stones of similar quality in order to get the best price. Furthermore, a GIA certificate makes it easier to insure a diamond without tedious authentication paperwork.

There are two exceptions to this rule, Tiffany and Cartier. Though they do not sell GIA certified jewelry, you can rest assured that the diamond’s you buy from these places are real. However, while typical businesses sell GIA certified diamonds for more than non-certified stones and there is nothing wrong with a stone from these well-known businesses, Tiffany and Cartier prices are high because you are paying for the brand.

Aside from Tiffany and Cartier, GIA certification makes it easier to buy diamonds. All you have to do is call several jewelers in town or look on several different jewelry websites at the price for prices on diamonds with the same carat weight, color, and clarity. However, you cannot just purchase the lowest priced item. You also need to compare the reputation, quality workmanship, and guarantees offered by each place of business.

When you purchase a piece of jewelry, do not simply take the salesperson’s word that the item is GIA certified. Ask to see the paperwork. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous business people to forge the documentation. This is especially true if you purchase an item on the internet. A genuine GIA certificate will have micro-print lines, holograms, and security screens. Should you encounter a forged document, there is a toll-free number that you can call to report the incident.

Another reason why you need to ask for the actual certificate is to ensure that it matches the item that you are purchasing. Another trick that has been tried is offering a GIA certificate that is actually meant for another piece.

If you know that you are going to sell your home in the near future, one of the best ways to increase its value is to new window treatments.  The window treatment that will give you the most value back on your investment is the interior shutter, specifically, the plantation shutter.   Plantation shutters were introduced to America by the Spanish during colonial time.  While originally designed prior to the advent of glass to protect homes from outside elements such as heat, cold, animals, and burglars, their design has stood the test of time.  Today they protect homes from the heat and glare from the sun while making stylish bold statements. Plantation shutters come in a variety of styles.  You can choose from the size of the louver; 2 ½ inches is more traditional and the typical choice for regular sized rooms.  You can also choose a larger louver, 3 ½ inches for rooms with high ceilings.  In addition, you have to decide how you want the louvers hung; divider rail or double hung.  This decision is usually based on how much privacy is needed in the room.  Double hung shutters allow you to open the top and keep the bottom open.  This allows for light to come in while maintaining privateness.   Another choice that homeowners have to make when investing in shutters is the material from which they are constructed.  The most popular choices are hardwood and faux wood.  This choice usually depends upon your budget.  Regardless of which one you choose, they will still look nice and increase the value of your home.   Once you have decided on the size of the louvers and how they will hang, you then need to decide on color and/or stain.  You can have your shutters painted any color or you can stain them yourself.  This choice is often based upon the décor that is already in the home or the style that you are trying to maintain.  It is often recommended that homeowners use neutral colors so that the window treatments stand the test of time.  Neutral colors go with most anything and do not have to be changed with new furnishings.   Regardless of your selections, when you choose shutters as your window treatment of choice, it is important to use a professional installer.  This is because shutters are usually made to order.  You do not want to measure wrong and be stuck with shutters that do not fit the windows correctly.  Furthermore, you want them hung correctly so that they look and work right.  You also do not want them to fall or become dislodged due to unprofessional hanging.  You are making an investment in your home and you do not want it to go to waste because you tried to save a few dollars by making it a do it yourself project.   In order to ensure that you are working with a true professional, feel free to look into the company on the Better Business Bureau’s website.  In addition, you can also ask for references.  Be sure to call the names you are given and ask about their experiences with the company in question.

There are a number of reasons why adults over the age of 18 decide to go to the orthodontist and get braces.  These include problems with their bite, to improve their self-esteem, or because their families could not afford them when they were children.  Regardless of the reason, over one million people over the age of 18, or almost 50% of some orthodontic practices are adults.  It is the largest growing segment of patients according to the Academy of General Dentistry.  The LA Times recently reported that the number of adults getting braces increased almost 25% between 1989 and 2008.


If you have self-esteem issues, run from or never smile for the camera because you do not like your smile, then it may be time to ask your regular dentist for a referral to an orthodontist to see if you should get braces to fix the problems you have with how your mouth looks.  It could be anything from crooked teeth to an overbite that is preventing you from putting on a happy face and an orthodontist can help.


Even if you wore braces as an adult, you may need to see an orthodontist.  Shifting teeth can occur naturally over time or could be due to the fact that you did not wear your retainer as directed.  Regardless of the reasons why your teeth seemed to have moved and are now crooked or crowded, most consultations with an orthodontist are free.  These specially trained doctors will be able to reset your teeth and get you smiling again.

The number of adults that have misaligned teeth is just about the same as the number of children that have a malocclusion.  Therefore, in order to avoid greater issues like periodontal or gum disease, increased tooth decay, irregular wear of tooth enamel and/or chronic facial discomfort due to a misaligned jaw, seeing an orthodontist may be in order.


Another option that you may be a candidate for and you may qualify for is that of clear aligners.  These plastic trays fit over your teeth and are removed to eat, brush and floss.  Usually sold under the name Invisalign, the trays are specially fitted to your mouth and are changed approximately every two weeks for the entirety of your treatment.  Since there are no wires or rubber bands, they are used primarily when a minor shift is needed.  Be sure to ask if you are leery of having a metal mouth.


Another thing to be aware of is that there are no quick fixes and it could take up to two years to correct any issues that are found in your mouth by an orthodontist.  Be patient and follow any and all directions given and you will be smiling bigger and prettier before you know it.  In addition, you may not qualify for braces.  This is true if you have unhealthy gums or a lot of gum recession and gum loss because the pressure that is put on your gums can cause complications and additional problems.

Windows are the focal point of the room; therefore, the custom window treatments that you select should be both functional and decorative.  There are a million different ways you can dress up your windows.  You can match the rest of your furnishings or make a bold statement and find something that complements it, but is different from it.

Custom window treatments allow you to do whatever you want.  Tell your salesperson what you are thinking of and he or she will help you pull it off.  Unsure of where to start, here are a few suggestions.


  • Your budget. Know what it is and stick to it.  Custom window treatments can be expensive, so do your homework first and then go into the store with an idea and a price line.
  • Decorating style. While you do not have to match your furnishings exactly, you do not want to clash, either.  If the rest of your home is chic, keep your furnishings that way.  The same is true if you like modern, classic or casual and comfortable.  Unless you are going to change the furnishings in the whole house, do not change the basic style.  Spruce it up in other ways.
  • As in, how hard do you want to work to keep your new custom window treatments clean?  While blinds should be dusted weekly, if you purchase drapes and they need to be cleaned, you will have to take them down and have them professionally done.  Only you can decide what you are willing to do when it comes to maintaining your home.
  • Light and privacy. This depends on the type of room you are outfitting as well as where it is in the house.  You will need room darkening window treatments if your child’s room is on the sunny side of the house and they still take naps.  However, you can let the sun into your kitchen.
  • If you have small children, then you need to be aware that some window treatments may not be safe for them.  If you choose to install blinds in your home, be sure to cut the strings so that they do not become choking hazards.  You can also purchase a kit or ask the manufacturer to send you a retrofitting kit so that your child does not become entwined and hurt.  You can also buy blinds that do not have cords.


You can also choose to put more than one type of custom window treatment on your windows.  You can put shades or blinds on the inside and then cover them up with drapes or curtains.  Even just adding a valance to already covered windows gives a room a new look for a little bit of money.  Regardless of what you pick out, know that it is an investment and you will have to live with it for quite some time.  Therefore, you should not rush into any purchase.  Be sure that it is what you want before it is installed.

Your dentist may suspect that you are a candidate for dental root canals, because you came in with a toothache or extreme sensitivity to hot and cold.  You may also require dental root canals if you get a recurring pimple on your gums, the teeth are discolored or your gums are tender and/or swollen.  He or she will take an x-ray to be sure of the diagnosis after examining your mouth extensively.


Once the procedure has been scheduled, there are a number of things you should be aware of before you return for your dental root canals.  First and foremost, dental root canals are done in order to preserve teeth.  The teeth that require dental root canals are dead, but can still be used for talking and chewing.

Dental root canals are considered easier and are usually less expensive than extracting the teeth and replacing them with implants.  You can also ask about bridges and dentures, but most likely, dental root canals are your best bet in order to preserve the full function of your mouth.  However, once the procedure is complete, the teeth may need crowns so that they are not chipped or broken as they are more susceptible to both since they are dead.


Before the dentist begins the dental root canals you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area to be worked on.  Your mouth will be then be dried out and a sheet of rubber will be placed around the tooth or teeth that will be worked on.  The tooth is then cleaned out and all pulp, bacteria, and decayed nerve tissue is removed.


Once the tooth is completely cleaned out it is sealed.  If you have an infection, the dentist may give you a temporary filling and complete your root canal after the teeth have healed.  However, most dentists prefer to complete the procedure in one visit.


Once the dental root canals are complete, the area where the work was done may be sensitive due to tissue inflammation.  You can use an over the counter pain medication to control the pain.  If you need additional work in the area where the dental root canals were performed, it is best not to chew in that area.  You may brush and floss as you normally would and can usually resume regular activities the next day.


As with any procedure, it is best to discuss your treatment options with a medical professional.  In addition, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible if any complications arise after treatment is complete.  These include uncontrollable pain or swelling in the treated area.


The best way to prevent the need for dental root canals is to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day.  In addition, it is recommended that you wear a mouth guard when playing contact sports in order to shield your mouth from potential injury.  You should also see your regular dentist twice a year for regular check-ups to ensure your mouth is remaining healthy.

Modern conveniences like smartphones and GPS systems have made it so that getting stranded in a remote location is almost impossible, however, there are locations that are not serviced by cell companies and the weather can take out electricity and cell towers, therefore, you should have certain supplies with you at all times.  It pays to purchase emergency essentials whether you are an avid camper or because you live in an area that is prone to tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, or earthquakes.


Should you find yourself without food, it is good to know that the average person can go over a month without nourishment.  However, the length of time you can survive depends upon your weight and genetic predisposition to illnesses.  The body can survive on stored nutrients.  It will burn the stored fat for energy.  After a few days, the fat reserve will deplete and the body will go into a ketone stage.  At this stage, the body will begin burning the fat reserves in the liver.  If there is fat in other organs, it will also be used up by the body.  It is called the ketone state because the fatty acids from the liver are called ketones.


If you are still without food when all the fat reserves are used, your body will turn on itself and begin eating itself. It will use tissues from the intestinal walls, muscles, and other organs as nutrients. The longer you go without food, the lower the chances of repairing the damage. The worst damage occurs to the heart muscles.  As your body begins destroying your heart muscles, your heart will become weaker and weaker and it will not be able to pump enough blood to your other organs. As a result, your organs will shut down and death will occur.

However, if you have a survival bag with food and ways to trap or catch animals for more, you can survive on your own for quite some time.  That is, of course, if your survival kit includes plenty of water, a water filter and/or water purification tablets.  Without water, you will not survive more than three or four days, regardless of how much food you have with you.


Water purifies and detoxifies the body.  Without it, your liver will fail.  In addition, without water, your body will not be able to maintain its proper temperature and you will heat up quickly.  Once you get too hot, your organs will begin to shut down.  Your blood will get thicker and you will feel cold, even on a hot day.  You may even pass out.


Therefore, if you keep nothing else in your survival kit, keep an ample supply of food and water.  This way you can keep nourished and hydrated enough to build a shelter and start a fire to signal for help and remain alive long enough to be found.  If your supply of water is diminishing, find one, then find food after that and signal for help once you have your immediate needs met.


Hard water occurs when there is too much calcium and magnesium in your water.  It can cause deposits or scale to appear on whatever it touches including, dishes, counter tops and your shower.  In addition, it also makes it so that you have to use more soap and detergent because they do not dissolve as well as in soft water.  This causes them to not work as well and therefore, you end up using more.  Furthermore, it can also make you feel less clean and as if you have a film on you as well and may make your hair and skin dry.  If it left long enough and it builds up in the pipes, it can cause the water pressure to drop and decrease the life of your plumbing system.


The best way to combat hard water and the problems that it causes is by going through a water softener installationA water softener filters out the calcium and magnesium and replaces it with sodium.  It has three parts to it, a brine tank, a mineral tank and a control valve.  Salt or brine is stored in the brine tank.  The mineral tank is where the replacement takes place and the control valve manages the water flow between the two tanks.


Before going through a water softener installation, you need to determine what type of water softener you want for your home.  There are three kinds.  The first uses a timer to determine when the water should go through the process.  The second uses a computer to monitor water usage and softens the water after a certain amount has been used.  The third uses a mechanical water monitor and no electric.

When it is time, or enough water has been used, brine is pumped into the mineral tank.  The sodium in the salt attracts the magnesium and calcium and is then flushed out of the tank and down the drain.  The tank is then filled with water and rinsed out.  The process then begins again.  The softened water is then pumped into the home.


If you are on a low-salt diet, it is recommended that you not consume water that has been softened through a water softener.  While it has not been deemed unhealthy for anyone on a normal salt intake diet, it has not been deemed healthy, either.  Therefore, you may want to avoid drinking the softened water.  Furthermore, you will use less salt and prolong the life of your water softener if you only use the water to wash and do not consume it.


If you believe that you need to go through a water softener installation it is best to have your water independently tested before beginning the process.  Once the water softener is installed, the amount of salt that you use depends on how hard the water is and how much water is used in your home.  Some homeowners rarely have to replace the salt, while others change it often.  There is no way to know until you use the system.

You dabble in the stock market.  You have a diversified portfolio of stocks and a reputable financial advisor to help you make investments.  You have made a considerable amount of money on Wall Street, but believe that with a bit more education about what is out there, you can make more.


One of your coworkers mentioned a mineral company he was looking to invest in.  She said that it was safer than putting your money into gold or another metal or mineral because you never knew what the price would be from day to day.  However, when you invest in a royalty company, you do not have to worry about the actual products being mined.


She went on to explain that a mineral royalty company has investments in many different mines.  In fact, they may have some type of ownership in up to 50 different mines at one time.  This makes it so that if the price of one mineral goes down or if a mine or two is not producing a product, then the stock price of the company is not affected because they have so many more to fall back on to make a profit off of.

In addition, she told you that a company like American Minerals is similar to a mortgage company, except for mines.  They offer the mining company money to help with starting or maintaining a mine.  The mining company does not need collateral to get this loan the way they would if they went to a bank.  In exchange, the mining company gives the royalty company either a percentage of the profit from selling the minerals or a percentage of the minerals that are mined at an extremely reduced price.


Another reason why mineral companies are so enticing for investors is due to the fact that they have very little overhead, compared to mining companies.  Mining companies have to pay their employees who mine for them and run the office, as well.  In addition, they also have to cover insurance and machinery and other overhead, as well.  With less overhead, there is more profit and many royalty companies are family owned and small.


Not only that, but during this conversation with your coworker, you also found out that mining companies may only have one or two mines that they try to get minerals out of if one or both dry up, they are out of luck and out of business.  However, the mineral royalty company may have land that has not been excavated yet.  They may hold the title to the minerals under a local farm or other land and have not sent a mining company out to see what, if anything, is there.  If there is, then they will get money from that mine, as well, in the future when they are ready to do so.


After this conversation, you decide to call your broker and ask about getting shares in a mineral company, just like your friend.

The proposal went well and either you or your partner said yes.  You are over the moon ecstatic.  You have told your friends and family and posted to social media.  Now, comes the fun part; you need to start planning the wedding.


The first thing you need to do is decide on a date.  You need to determine when you and your fiancé can take a vacation from your jobs.  You also need to figure out how long it will take you to plan your big day and whether or not you want to be a part of wedding season in June or if you want to have your affair at another time.


Once you have set a date, you need to get an estimate of how many people you plan to invite and how many of those people you believe will attend.  These figures are important to know when you get to the point when you will be selecting a wedding venue.  You want a place that will hold all of your guests comfortably.

Another big decision you and your fiancé have to agree upon is where the nuptials will take place.  Do you want to host the big day in your hometown or where they grew up?  Another great option to consider when looking at wedding venues is to plan a destination wedding.  You can go someplace neither of you have ever been to get married.  Of course, if you plan to exchange vows someplace exotic, do not expect your guest list to be long unless you can afford to fly everyone in.


When you have determined when and where you plan on having your wedding, you need to set a budget.  You and your partner, and maybe your parents need to sit down and discuss how much money will be spent on the wedding.  This determination affects everything from which wedding venues you can book, to the entertainment, and the dresses you or your partner will be able to choose from.


The budget is the deciding factor in every detail of planning the wedding.  You do not want to look at and fall in love with anything you cannot afford.  This is a waste of time and can lead to a major let down.  You and your fiancé should be excited about the choices you are making, not disappointed because you could not afford your first choice.


One more decision you have to make before you begin to actually look at anything is whether or not you would like to have a religious ceremony or not.  If you are a pious person, then a church or synagogue should be the first place you look at.  Once you have booked your house of worship and the clergy that will officiate, you can then begin to plan the remainder of the wedding.


Looking at wedding venues that fit your criteria should be the next thing on your list.  Once you have selected the right place to celebrate you can then look into entertainment, flowers or other decorations and the all important dress.

It is estimated that over 60% of auto repair customers are women and those women spent over $300 billion to have their cars fixed last year.  One hundred percent of female auto repair shop customers would rather have a root canal than have to have their car serviced.  There are a number of reasons for this attitude.  Primarily it is because it is one of the few industries where women still feel like they are treated differently than men.  Therefore, it is in your shop’s best interest to use auto repair advertising in order to attract and keep female clients.


One of the best ways to attract and keep female clients is by having standard pricing.  This would make it so that women and men are quoted the same amount for the same job.  It is far too often that a female will be given one price for a job and then send in a man only to have him quoted a cheaper price.


Once women find out that your shop is consistently charging both males and females the same amount, it will be no time at all before the auto repair marketing takes care of itself.  That is because when most women feel they have been treated fairly, they will let others know and social media is often the way they choose to do so.  This goes beyond posting to your Facebook page, but also includes posting the experience in the moms groups that have popped up, as well as other “women only” pages that exist.


Another great way that your business can effectively use auto repair advertising to attract more female customers is by being clear.  This is true in a variety of ways.  First and foremost, all of your customers need to be able to understand what needs to be done to fix their cars and bring them back to peak performance.  Therefore, when you speak to your clients, whether male or female, be sure they understand the why as much as the what.


This need for clarity goes beyond the explanations given when your customers ask what is wrong with their cars.  It also extends to your website.  The name and address of your shop should be prominently located at the top of the page at all times, regardless of where anyone clicks on the page.  Prices, or estimated prices, along with what is included with each service should be listed in clear understandable English.

There should be a subsection on your web page where prospective clients can see your certifications, accreditations, and memberships as well as your guarantees and warranties.  Having this all up front makes all clients, not just women, more comfortable coming into your shop to request services.


Finally, both you and your clients are busy.  Therefore, you should have an area on your web page where people can go to request or schedule appointments.  After all, who wants to do all of that research and then have to wait either on hold or for a call back in order to schedule service?

Everyone loves the spa, however, most only go when it is a special occasion.  They may get a gift certificate for the holidays or their birthday or they are part of a wedding party and the bride decides to paper them before the big day.  If you believe that this is wrong and that people should go to the spa more often, then you need to increase your spa marketing.  There are many ways to do that both online and off, and you have probably tried many of them.  Here are a few you that you may not have thought of or considered before.

  • Use your windows to advertise both inside and out. Put up an eye-catching display for people walking or driving past.  Be sure to change it every few weeks so that it does not get boring and people do not get complacent.  In addition, be sure to have advertising up for those already inside so that they can request additional services while they are there.
  • Partner with another business. Make sure that the businesses complement each other.  Then you can advertise on their web page and they can advertise on yours.  You can also use each other’s social media accounts, as well.  You can also partner with a local charity and advertise the good you do for them.  This will get you brownie points as well as more clients.
  • Let your current clients do your spa marketing for you. Give them an area on your website to share their experience.  Offer incentives for them to answer survey questions, but do not try to make them say what they do not want to.  Let them be honest.  If your service is good, they will want to let others know.
  • Allow customers to make appointments online, but do not stop there. Send emails every day until they come in that makes them anticipate the experience.  You can also mail out small packets to help them get ready for their upcoming appointment which includes samples of lotions and shampoo that you use in your spa.
  • Have the best service and do not let it end when the appointment is over. It goes without saying that you if you have the best service people will return and inform their friends and family about how wonderful their experience was in your spa.  However, you do not want the experience to end when the appointment is over.  Follow up the next day with a call or email to get feedback.  You can also give them an incentive to return like a coupon or discount for next time.


Regardless of how you do your spa marketing, be sure that it is attracting the clientele that you desire and also have a way to keep track of what is working and what is not.  This way you will know what to do and what not to do in order to keep people coming back for more and bringing others with them.

Young or old, if you have a malocclusion, such as an over or under bite or have teeth that are too close together or too far apart, you are going to need braces in order to have the problem corrected.  There are a variety of different choices you can make when it comes to the style of the braces you will have installed in your mouth.  Two of the most popular are traditional metal braces and ceramic braces.


The traditional metal braces of today are a far cry from the original metal braces of yesteryear.  Today, they are smaller and much of the headgear that went along with them is gone.  In addition, there are a variety of different ways you can choose to wear today’s metal braces.

First and foremost, you can just have regular metal braces put on, with the traditional wire and plain rubber bands.  If you would like to jazz up your metal braces, you can opt for different colored rubber bands or choose to get your metal braces in gold instead of silver.  This will make them look more glitzy and like jewels.


If you still do not like the look of your metal braces, you can ask if the wire can be removed or if the brackets can be placed on the back of your teeth where no one can see them.  These options are only available to fix certain conditions and may lengthen the amount of time you have to wear the braces.  Furthermore, lingual braces or braces attached to the tongue side of your teeth can only be done by an orthodontist that is trained to do so.  In addition, lingual braces are the most expensive option when it comes to choosing braces.


If none of these options appeal to you, you can also choose clear or ceramic braces.  Ceramic braces work the same way as traditional metal braces, however, the brackets that are placed on your teeth are made of ceramic material.  You can get them in clear or shaded to match the color of your teeth.  Be aware, that some foods can stain your teeth while you wear clear braces.  Therefore, it is best to avoid coffee and cigarettes while under an orthodontist’s care.


Regardless of whether you choose metal or ceramic braces, as long as you have a metal wire, you will have to go to the orthodontist every four to six weeks to have them tightened.  If you have the wireless version, they are designed to tighten on their own.  At this time, the wire and the rubber bands will be changed and you will have an opportunity to brush your teeth before they are replaced.


You are reminded to use both orthodontic wax as well as over the counter pain relievers to get rid of any discomfort associated with your braces.  Should one of your brackets come loose or if the wire should break, you can use some orthodontic wax to reattach the bracket and cover the sharp end of the wire.  Call your orthodontist as soon as possible to have the problem fixed.

There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to replacing the roof of your home.  These include product cost, material weight, and installation requirements and will influence your choice of roofing materials you choose and the style of the roof that you pick.


First and foremost, you must determine how much a new roof will cost and what your budget will allow.  There are a number of components that go into the price a roofing contractor will charge you including how much it will cost to remove the old roof, the shape of the roof as well as the number of chimneys, breaks, turrets, and skylights will increase the price.  Additionally, you will have to take into account any structural work that needs to be done before the roof is installed.

Once of all of that is taken into account, your roofing contractor will have to determine how many squares of material he or she will need to complete the job.  A square is the unit of measure that roofers use.  It is equal to around 100 square feet.  They type of material and the number of squares needed will also contribute to the price.


There are a number of materials that you can choose to have your roof made from.  They include asphalt, wood, metal, slate, tile and cement.  While your budget is the main factor in determining the material, climate, roof pitch and structural integrity of the home are also important parts of the decision-making process.


  • Asphalt is the most common material to have a roof made from. This is because it is cheap and relatively easy to install.
  • Wood is also a popular choice for roofs, however, it is almost twice the price of asphalt and cannot be used in some places due to the fire code.
  • Metal is often chosen because it is durable, however, it is expensive.
  • A slate roof can last over 100 years, but the fasteners will need to be replaced.  Choosing slate can be costly, due to the fact that it needs to be mined and because it is heavy, making it more difficult to install.
  • Tile and cement. Popular on Spanish colonials and mission style homes, tile, and cement are both durable materials.  However, due to the fact that they are both heavy and can be expensive, you may be better off choosing a metal that is made to look like tile in order to save some money.


Before your roofing contractor installs your roof, be sure that he or she installs flashing in order to keep your roof watertight.  In addition, a good roofer will make sure that the coursing is regular to the eye and parallel to roof edges so that leaking does not occur.  Building felt or tar paper should be laid before the shingles are nailed in place and if you live in an area that is snow prone, a membrane called a snow and ice shield should also be used.

Whether you are running a family business that has been around for eons or if you are just starting out, you need to have several different ways in order to reach clients and potential clients to let them know and to remind them that you are there for them when they need you.  There are several different carpet care marketing ideas that can set your business ahead of the rest.

  • Think outside the box and offer something that no one else does. This may mean offering free spot cleaning or free deodorizers for the client to keep once you have completed the job.  Be sure to choose something that will set you out as different from the rest of the carpet cleaning companies out there.
  • Join together with a carpet company. You could possibly offer the first cleaning free to customers that purchase a certain carpet from a certain store.  You could also join forces with a real estate agent and offer to clean the clients’ carpet before they move into a new home for a reduced price.  Let your work speak for itself and they will not only call you again, but they will tell all of their friends and family about you, as well.
  • Brand recognition. Another idea in carpet care marketing is to outfit your employees in uniforms and paint the company vehicles with the brand logo and slogan.  People will see you around town, recognize your brand, and remember you when it is time to get their carpets cleaned.
  • Reward customer loyalty. Return customers and those that refer others to you should receive a discount.  This will make them more likely to do both and call you again for repeat service.  Offering incentives is a great way to get repeat customers.
  • Business review sites. Google, Angie’s list, and Yelp are three places that people go to give their opinions.  Be sure to claim your business pages on each and fix any problems you become aware of and send potential clients to these sites for recommendations.
  • Direct mail postcards, flyers, and door hangers are all great ways to get the word out. Be sure to include a coupon or special deal.  If you want to attract even more customers, you can include email in this campaign, as well.
  • Be sure your website is up to date and informative. Include a blog to get more traffic and a place to make an appointment, as well as prices and deals being offered.  Make it as convenient and easy to use as possible.


Regardless of the types of carpet care marketing, you choose for your business, be sure to keep track of what works and what does not produce results.  This way, when it comes time to attract new customers, you will know where to invest and what to avoid in the future.  In addition, your carpet care marketing should always include superior customer service as this is the best way to get and keep customers.

You met the girl of your dreams and now you want to settle down and make a life together.  However, there are a number of things that have to happen before you put up the picket fence.  You have to decide when and where to propose, and then you have to buy an engagement ring.  While you may believe that asking her parents for permission is the hardest part, once you enter the jewelry store, you will take that back.


First and foremost, just know that all of the diamonds will look the same, at first. Therefore, it is best if you educate yourself about carat, cut, clarity and color before you head out.  Carat usually refers to the size of the stone, cut is how it shines in the light, clarity is how many imperfections the stone has and the color is, well, the color that is emitted from the stone.  While most appear white or colorless, diamonds come in a variety of colors and hues.

Once you have educated yourself about loose diamonds, you need to become a detective.  You need to know exactly what she wants in an engagement ring.  This means listening to every conversation that includes jewelry and going online to see what she has posted on sites like Facebook and Pinterest to see if there are any clues as to what kind of engagement rings she likes.  You will also have to enquire with her friends and family, just make sure that those you ask can keep a secret until the big day.


Be sure to know your budget and stick to it.  While most people say that engagement rings should cost about two month’s salary, you need to remain firm in order for that to be true.  Do not go into debt purchasing the perfect ring.  That is not the way to start a life with the one you love.  If you cannot find what you want in the budget that you have, find a new jeweler that is willing to work within your means.


Another important factor that comes into play when it comes to purchasing engagement rings, is the type of metal it is made out of.  While white gold is a cheaper alternative to platinum, it may not be the best choice if the woman you are proposing to has allergies.  White gold contains nickel, which many people are allergic to.  In addition, it needs to be replated often because it becomes discolored easily.  Therefore, if you cannot afford platinum, go for yellow gold, instead.  It is the most traditional metal for engagement rings, anyway.


Finally, when he gets down on one knee and presents the ring to you, you will know it is right because it came from your heart.  Regardless of what it looks like she will wear it with pride since it came from the man that she loves and will love for the rest of her life.  Good luck.

If you are a plumber looking to increase the amount of people that you service then you know that direct mailings and advertisements in the newspaper are not enough.  Today, most people go online in order to search for and research services and companies.  Therefore, plumbing website design is of the utmost importance.


First and foremost, when it comes to plumbing website design, fancy pictures are not where it is at.  In fact, they can be a turn-off, especially if they cause the site to load slowly or make navigation difficult.  Instead, try pictures or videos of you and your in action fixing various plumbing problems.  This will show what you are capable more than stock photography ever could.

Be sure to include estimated prices on your site, as well as any packages or coupons that may be available.  Knowing what to expect in the way of the cost is important to most people, especially if it an emergency and they did not budget for the work to be done.  This will save you time as well because you will not get calls simply asking for prices and not scheduling work.


Another great idea when it comes to plumbing website design is the ability for customers to be able to make appointments online.  This is more convenient for those looking for a plumber and your clients will be glad you decided to do this.


No plumbing website design is complete without a section for customer feedback.  This gives possible clients instant access to referrals and to know what to expect should they hire you to work at their home.  You may want to offer an incentive, like a discount on their next service call for their honest feedback on your site.  This will get more people to go on and evaluate your services.


To further increase the amount of traffic on your site and to truly stand out from the rest of the plumbers on the web and in your area, your site should not only be easy to navigate, there should be a section where you highlight your employees.  Include their bios and blurbs about them. This will not only enable clients to recognize those that come to their homes to work, but it will make your employees stand out like the stars you know they are.


Finally, one of the best resources to have when it comes to website design is a blog.  Having a blog enables you to show how knowledgeable you are and also enables customers to fix little things on their own.  This will free you up for the bigger jobs.  If your blog is pertinent, informative and interesting, then it will be shared and many more people and potential clients will see it and turn to you in their time of need.


Do not forget to keep everyone aware of any changes you make to your website through social media.  Your followers should know when you post a new blog on your website or if you offer a new coupon or deal.