Expect Ohio marijuana news to spike over the next forty-eight hours.

http://www.ohiocannabis.com/The citizens of the United States have really changed their mind on the production and consumption of marijuana, at least for medical purposes. If you had done a poll of the US and asked people what they thought about marijuana, most of them would have told you that it’s dangerous and that those who use it should be thrown in jail. Fast forward to today and people understand that jails are overcrowded with nonviolent drug offenders, primarily those peddling marijuana. People have decided that these aren’t the kinds of people we should be locking up. They’ve also decided that marijuana use isn’t really all that dangerous and that it should be legalized in some forms so as to take away from the social stigma that it holds.

It is in this light that the news of Ohio becoming the twenty-fifth state in the country to legalize medical marijuana shouldn’t come as a surprise. The dominoes have started to fall and it’s only a matter of time before the federal government determines that medical marijuana should be legal for people to use in all fifty states. The tide has changed on public sentiment toward medical and recreational marijuana, and it’s not going to turn back.

Now that medical marijuana is legal in the state, you can expect a huge spike in Ohio marijuana news over the next forty-eight hours. However, what you probably can’t expect is a spike in national coverage on the issue. Since we’re in the middle of one of the most hotly contested presidential elections in history, and since Ohio is the twenty-fifth state to legalize medical marijuana and not the first, it’s just not going to be that big of a story on the national scale. Half of the states have already legalized its use medicinally, and the other half either never will or are already on there way towards it. It’s not going to be a major issue on the national scale; however, it will be on the local scale. All over Ohio news vans are going to be parked outside of medical marijuana dispensaries. People are going to be interviewing one another about what they think this is going to mean for their state, how much tax revenue the state should be able to generate, and what, if any, the steps are going to be towards recreational use. The state of Ohio is going to be blowing up with the coverage, and everyone is going to be talking about it from the governor to LeBron James.

Over the next forty-eight hours, expect there to be a big spike in traffic to sites that discuss Ohio marijuana, sites like OhioCannabis.com. There you will find discussions about the implications of legalized medical marijuana and what the next few weeks and years are going to look like in the state. If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis laws in Ohio or if you’re interested in learning how you should obtain a medical license, visit sites like OhioCannabis.com and take it all in.