Industrial Ethernet switches are a must for the oil and gas industry. oil and gas industry in the US is currently experiencing one of its highest levels of production in quite a few years. This is primarily due to the rise of the natural gas industry, an industry that’s booming across the American West, from North Dakota to Texas. When you think about natural gas and what it offers it makes sense. Not only is it rather inexpensive to extract and thus inexpensive for consumers, but it also burns much cleaner that other forms of fossil fuels like coal. Thus, it’s fair to assume that the natural gas industry is going to continue to do quite well for many years to come.

While there are lots of things that most people don’t understand about the gas and oil industries, one of the most unknown is how connected these industries are to technology. Like everything else in the modern world, the oil and gas industries use all kinds of new technologies to do their job properly. They use various sensors and devices to estimate how much natural gas there is in a certain area of the country, and they use the Internet and various networking switches to send that information to the people who need it. Put simply, the oil and gas industry depend heavily on modern electronics and technologies to make their job as effective and streamlined as possible.

Of course, their need for consistent access to the Internet and to networks isn’t confined to their work in oil and gas fields. When oil and gas are pulled from the Earth they’re sent to various factories around the country to be processed. For natural gas to be used in people’s homes it first has to be processed somewhere else, and that means shipping it to a factory. In these factories all sorts of machines and individuals take the natural gas through numerous processes until it’s refined into a form that can be used. In order for these machines to work and in order for workers to do their jobs properly they have to be able to share information across networks. The problem is that in these facilities your typical Ethernet switches and networks simply can’t do the job. The extreme temperatures in these facilities, the vibrations that are felt throughout the facility almost constantly, and the rough working conditions are often too much for standard Ethernet switches and networks. That’s why companies produce industrial Ethernet switches. Such products are able to withstand these grueling working conditions. They hold up no matter what the factories throw at them, ensuring that the workers and the machines are able to access the information that they need to do their jobs properly.

Oil and gas factories rely heavily on the industrial Ethernet switches that they buy from companies like Westward Sales. Westward Sales makes it easy for companies to find the exact kind of industrial Ethernet switch that they need to do their job properly. Without such equipment the oil and gas industry as we know it simply wouldn’t exist.