More people than ever are installing hardwood flooring in their homes. you were a homeowner in the mid 2000s, there was likely a time when you weren’t sure if you were ever going to spend money on your home again. It was during this time that what has become known as The Great Recession hit, and it hurt homeowners as bad as any group. Virtually overnight property values plunged all across the country, with some areas getting hit harder than others. It is completely possible that you saw the value of your home decrease by 25-30%, a huge impact on how much your home was worth. Such a decrease could mean that you lost a hundred thousand dollars or more in a very short time, and it could’ve been the difference between you selling your home for a profit later that year and being underwater, meaning that you owed more money on your property than it was actually worth. Since the values of homes went down so much in such a short period of time, people stopped investing in them. They stopped remodeling basements and kitchens, adding new furniture, replacing the blinds and so much more. When you stop to think about it, it makes sense. Why would people invest in their home if their home wasn’t even worth that much money anymore?

Fortunately, The Great Recession is a thing of the past and most home values have rebounded nicely. In fact, in many parts of the country homes today are worth more money than they were when the economic downturn happened in the first place. Now that home values are on the rise once again, millions of homeowners are investing in their properties again. They’re taking on those remodeling projects that they’d been putting off.

In fact, now that home values are on the rise again, more people than ever are looking to sell their homes. This is happening because so many people were waiting to sell until their home value came back up again, and now that they can make a little money they’re finally putting it on the market. However, since their neighbors are also looking to sell their home, homeowners are having to make changes and upgrades to their own property to make sure that their home is competitive with others in their area. This means that more people than ever are looking to upgrade their property, from installing new hardwood flooring to replacing their appliances. Everyone is looking to get an upper hand in this competitive real estate market, so they’re all looking to make sure that their property stands out. This means replacing the flooring, remodeling the kitchen, and so much more.

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