Ordering from a Marijuana Delivery Service

Thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana in several states across the United States, many people now have access to something that they can use to help ease their symptoms. With this legalization, many dispensaries have popped up where different kinds of marijuana products are being sold be it cannabis oil, the traditional buds, some bite sized edibles and more. These dispensaries have been licensed by the local government to sell their marijuana products but that doesn’t stop some people opening their own shops which can seem a little bit sketchy.

Weed Delivery

medical marijuana

This is why people don’t want to go out looking for dispensaries and instead opt to have the marijuana delivered to their homes through a marijuana delivery service which many people see as the safer option of having access to the needed marijuana. So let’s say you already gone through the legal and moral challenge of getting yourself a green card, and you already have chosen a certain dispensary and/or marijuana delivery service to deliver right at your doorstep, what’s left is for you to order your much needed marijuana.

Now when you are ordering from marijuana dispensaries and marijuana delivery services, you will find that most of them need you to have a registered number but if it’s your first time buying from them, you will need to present certain requirements to be able to avail of the delivery service. First off, you will need to photocopy the note you got from your doctor and present the copy along with your green card and you will also need to have a photo ID. The best thing to do is just take a picture with your phone at the exact time you get the recommendation. If you do this, you won’t have to spend more on a replacement certification when purchasing online if ever you lose it.

It is also important note your payment method. In the state of California, you are not allowed to use credit cards to buy some marijuana no matter what brand of credit card you are using. It is important to have some cash ready since most of the process in buying marijuana is cash based. There are certain dispensaries that will allow you to make use of a debit card and it will just show as a withdrawal. People in states where marijuana has been fully legalized are lucky since there are no issues with your payment method as banks have relaxed their restrictions. However, it is important to prepare to cash just in case.

When you are ordering from a marijuana delivery service, make sure that they allow you to pay the cash when you get the delivery to the driver or allow you to use your debit card, because if you have been charged and the marijuana still hasn’t been delivered to you, you may be at a disadvantage. The good thing about paying upon delivery is if you receive poor quality marijuana you can ask for recourse whereas having it charged before delivery.