Organizations and businesses are becoming increasingly interested in the risk compliance of their employees.

The person who should be most concerned with their own health is obviously themselves. If they get sick or develop some kind of ailment, they’re going to be the person who has to deal with it. However, another group that would be concerned with a person’s health would be their employer. As more and more research becomes available, organizations and businesses are realizing that healthier employees are more productive employees. There has been a great deal of research performed over the last half century that has shown that people who are physically healthier tend to have a higher-functioning brain. In fact, TIME just had an article on their website the other day that talked about a study which found that there is no such thing as too much exercise when it comes to brain health. The more a person exercises the healthier their brain will be. Obviously then, a person who is healthier and more active is going to be a more productive employee, and that’s a good thing for both the employee themselves and the organization or company they work for.

Thus, businesses and organizations are becoming increasingly interested in the risk compliance of their employees. In case you’re not familiar with the term risk compliance and how it pertains to a person’s health, it’s essentially the activities that a person can take or habits they can form that helps them to live a less risky life in terms of their health. For instance, a person who exercises a great deal, doesn’t drink soda or eat candy, and eats a healthy diet is going to be a person that’s more risk compliant in terms of their health. practice, when a company is engaging in risk compliance with their employees they’re generally starting up programs that help their employees stay as healthy as possible. This might mean performing health assessments of their employees, handing those over to doctors, and obtaining feedback on what specific employees can do to improve their health. It might mean starting up a program whereby employees get in an hour of exercise each day while they’re on the clock, boosting their productivity for the rest of the day and improving their health.

Some companies are partnering with companies like HealthAware to drive the risk compliance of their employees. What HealthAware does is create a program that makes it easier for employees to remain risk compliant. For instance, HealthAware might partner with a company with the goal of getting the company’s employees to drink less pop. What they’ll do is get the employees to opt into a program whereby the employees receive text messages and emails reminding them to drink less soda and drink more water. These little reminders can often help to mitigate how much soda employees are drinking and instead promote a healthy behavior change. Of course, these programs aren’t just great for the companies themselves but they also help to improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world. It’s good for all of the parties involved.