Senior assisted living is better than it used to be by leaps and bounds.

Most Americans have a fairly negative perception of senior assisted living. They have an image in their mind of an unfriendly and hospital-like place where the staff are mean to the people who live there and the food is bad. To be fair, there are plenty of such facilities across the country. Unfortunately, far too many facilities look at their residents as a way to make money rather than as human beings who deserve a certain quality of care. Fortunately for all of us, since most of us will end up in such a facility at the end of our lives, the vast majority of senior facilities out there are changing their ways. the past couple of decades a lot of research has come out regarding the human body and how it ages, and this revelations have led to some very big changes in the assisted living industry. Today, more and more facilities recognize the important role that physical activity and healthy food play in the quality of life of seniors. Thus, they’re going out of their way to provide fitness rooms, to offer activities where people get in some physical activity, and they’re serving higher quality food than they used to. These facilities recognize that the more active people are and the better the food they’re putting into their bodies the better they feel, the longer they live, and the happier they are. These might seem like small things, but compared to what senior facilities used to be they’re very big changes.

Great senior facilities, like The Legacy at South Plains, are also coming to understand the important role that socialization and neurological stimulation play in determining the quality of life for an individual. Great facilities really want their residents to be happy and to feel good, and they’re seeing that socializing their residents and giving them activities to do is a great means to that end. They’re setting up events where people get to interact with one another, they’re having game nights where people get to talk to each other while thinking about the game, and they’re offering things at their facility that keep people stimulated, like swimming pools and pool tables. These simple things make a huge impact on how much people get to interact with one another, and countless studies have shown the more people interact with the outside world the healthier their brain is.

Fortunately for all of us but in particular seniors, many of the assisted living facilities across the country are taking this new research to heart. They’re working hard to ensure that each resident under their roof is receiving the quality care that they deserve. They’re making huge strides in the services and activities they offer their residents, and they’re making big steps towards providing quality food at every meal. As was said earlier, these might seem like small things but they truly have a huge impact on the quality of life of people going into these facilities. Sending your loved one to an assisted living facility no longer has to be the negative experience it once was.