Solving your Smelly Marijuana Woes with Products from Erbanna

If you are someone who buys and uses marijuana regularly, you will be quite familiar with the smell that is has particularly with marijuana buds. Purchasing marijuana and carrying it on your own bag can result in the smell of the weed lingering in your bag even after the marijuana has been taken out. You might even find that a strong whiff of the scent can blow right in your face when opening your bag which can be embarrassing in public especially when not all are that open to the use of marijuana despite it being legalized in several states in the US already.

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Because of marijuana and cannabis’ legalization, many people have been setting up business in the marijuana industry. After all, who wouldn’t? The high and growing demand for weed creates great opportunities for making money and producing marijuana can be worthwhile.

However, as mentioned, the scent of marijuana left in one’s bag is still one of the things that can cause minor inconveniences to people who regularly buy and use weed. It is because of this that Smell Proof Weed Bags have become a thing. The scent of marijuana in your bag and things can expose your privacy when it comes to using marijuana and that is something that many people do not like to divulge. In addition, the smell of marijuana can entice the curiosity of pets and consumers who own one might find their dog going through their bag sniffing or even getting the weed.

Today, there is a company that helps people who experience an inconvenience with the smell of their purchase sticking to their bags and things. Erbanna, a company focused on creating bags and pouches that help seal the smell of the weed and keep it from sticking in the inside of your bag and stuff. People who dislike the smell of weed staying in their bags will find the products Erbanna sells very helpful. For a better idea of what they sell, let’s take a look at some of their best sellers:

1.) The K.I.T. – This product is a carrying case that is no bigger than your wallet. The case features zippers that are smell proof. Other than keeping your stash, this product can also fit a few other essentials or products that you use.

2.) Kate – Designed for outing, this product is much like a backpack of mid size can fit your gadgets as well. Not the entire bag is smell proof only the compartment in the lower section of the backpack which allows for more discreet storage. In addition, the product is padded to offer protection for your stuff inside.

3.) Chrissy – This product is a small pouch that is designed to hold other tools and accessories other than your stash of weed. The Chrissy features two pockets that also have smell proof zippers. With its small size, it can be a great travel partner (just make sure you aren’t travelling anywhere marijuana is illegal).

These are just a few products that you can find in Erbanna. Check out their site and find more items that can help you organize your stash and control its scent.