There are many types of extraction equipment

If you are in the market for extraction equipment, then you need to know about the many different types that you can find for your business. Extraction equipment is the equipment that you need in order to extract cannabis from the plant. There are many different types of extraction methods that you can use in order to extract the THC from the plant and you will want to be sure that you find the right types of equipment that will work best for the type of cannabis that you want to extract. extraction equipment

Listed here are several of the products that you may need for your cannabis extraction methods:

  1. Assembled units. You can find many varieties of assembled units when it comes to looking for the right types of cannabis equipment. You can also find many different types of parts in order to create your own cannabis extraction equipment. You can find assembled units in all price ranges and types of sizes as well.
  2. Ball valves. There are several types of ball valves that you can find as well pending on the type of equipment that you are using for your extraction needs.
  3. Clamps.
  4. Columns. You can get anything from a tri clamp column to a jacketed column when it comes to finding the right types of columns for your extraction needs.
  5. Condensing coils.
  6. End caps.
  7. Filtration. You can find filtration systems and ways to filtrate it from the right extraction equipment company as well.
  8. Gaskets.
  9. Hoses.
  10. Lids.
  11. Parts. Some of the parts include platters with handles and filter driers and more.
  12. Platters.
  13. Racks.
  14. Recovery pumps.
  15. Reducers.
  16. Solvent tanks.
  17. Solventless xtraction.
  18. Open ended spools with handles.
  19. Tools. There are several different types of tools that you can find such as a gas leak detector and glass stir rods. You can also find packing rods and plier wrenches as well from the right company.
  20. Complete package system. You can also find the complete package system which will have everything that you need in terms of marijuana extraction and how to extract the marijuana with all of the parts that you need.

As you can see, there are many different types of marijuana equipment that you can find for your extraction needs. Of course, depending on the type of extraction that you are doing, you will need various equipment for how you want to extract your THC. There are common methods for extracting cannabis including ethanol extracts, butane extracts, CO2 extracts and more.

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