Water purification systems are a must for anyone living in an old building.

http://www.aaabestwater.comBy now, most Americans have heard the horrible story about water contamination in the city of Flint. At this point it’s been proven that the governor of the state as well as local officials intentionally didn’t improve the water quality in the city because they deemed the steps necessary too expensive. If you’re not familiar with exactly what happened in Flint, the story starts with the degrading infrastructure of the United States. It’s not just in Flint, Michigan that the water pipes that transport treated water to homes are starting to get old. It’s all over the country. However, what was unique to Flint is that the officials there decided to start bringing water in from one of the rivers to give to people to drink. This water wasn’t treated properly, so the contaminants in the water were able to deteriorate the already badly deteriorated pipes even further. These pipes had lead in them, so when this contaminated water came through them it brought the lead from the pipes into the glasses of thousands of people’s drinking water. This is how the children got lead poisoning, and it easily could have been avoided.

If you live in an old apartment building, dormitory, or an old room, then you should learn from stories like Flint and you should install water purification systems on all of your faucets. Let’s be clear here: The levels of lead in Flint were so high that water purification systems would have done little for people. While they would have reduced the lead in the water they likely wouldn’t have been able to do enough to keep the children (and some adults) from getting sick. However, when you live in an old building with old pipes, you can get all sorts of contaminants in your water even if the actual water itself is clean. When pipes get too old they start to break down, so whatever minerals are in them end up in your drinking water. If you get a great water purification system then you can ensure that the majority of those mineral and elements get caught by the filter.

When you live in an old building, it’s just the smart thing to do. Think about how much water you consume throughout the year and how big a part of your body it really is. If there are contaminants or things in your water then you’re going to get sick. It’s that simple. Thus, if you have the slightest suspicion that your water might be contaminated then you should consider water purification systems installation for every faucet in your home.

AAA BestWater has been providing a wide variety of water purification products for more than 33 years. Whether you live in an old apartment building, have an office in an old skyscraper, or you’re just concerned about your water and want to be safe, they have a product for you. Whether you need a simple water filter or you’re looking for something that will soften your water, let the professionals at AAA BestWater help you out.